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We specialise in finance for land and property development, bridging loans and secured business finance. We provide confidential "behind the scenes support" to companies.

Our loans are business to business and normally secured by a first charge on land and property. As a business lender, our activities are outside the scope of the Financial Conduct Authority.

The company was established in 1978 and has extensive experience in backing developers and entrepreneurs. Being able to offer our borrowers customised solutions that the mainstream lenders cannot do is at the heart of our success.

You have access to our network of experienced Brokers to help you all the way. 

We believe that brokers add real value throughout the application process. Many of the firms we work with are SMEs - like their own business customers - with first-hand knowledge of their local commercial and residential property market.  Contact us



We are known for:

 • Providing fresh, innovative strategies to optimise the availability of finance and enable our clients to grow their businesses and maximise opportunities available to them.

• In depth knowledge and understanding of our clients requirements.

• We are able to offer extremely flexible structures, specialising in bespoke arrangements and we look at the whole picture rather than being restricted to traditional lending parameters.

• We are a company that is self-funded, hence we have no reliance on third parties to structure our products or finance our proposals. In short, Vector lends its own money and makes its own decisions with its clients.

• We have a highly professional and talented team of financial, legal and administrative specialists to provide the very highest levels of service, understanding and responsiveness.

We cut the time and make it happen now.

Vector Capital Limited   Co. No. 9903373

Vector Asset Finance Limited  Co. No. 11179618

are wholly owned subsidiaries of Vector Holdings Limited - Co. No. 01375226.

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