The client was introduced by one of our long standing Brokers. The client had acquired a large office block with plans to convert to 30 x 1 bed flats. We provided £1.2m to enable the conversion works to take place.

The client provided the 1st charge on the freehold. Cash was released within 4 weeks of the request by our client who is an experienced construction company with several ongoing projects at any one time.

To maintain client confidentiality we have provided a generic outline only.




Our client had built a spanking new additional Wholesale Cash and Carry but had overrun construction lead time and budgets.

The bank facility was exhausted but the client still had substantial equity in the buildings and a long trading record.

Vector stepped in to enable them to finance purchase of stock to the tune of £500K to enable them to proceed to open their doors.


To maintain client confidentiality, we have provided a generic outline only.


bridging financeVector bridging finance is used for.

AUCTION PURCHASE – pre-approval required and fast completion. Often clients require pre-approval for a property that they wish to bid on at auction and need to complete within 14 days after successfully purchasing the property. In this instance, a bridging loan is the perfect tool to help facilitate the purchase. Often the exit strategy is to pay the money back by a traditional mortgage.

TIGHT TRANSACTION DEADLINES - Often banks and high street lenders can-not facilitate a short term loan quick enough whereby it takes several weeks, often months to underwrite.

BANKS WILL NOT LEND - More and more banks have an inability to lend on non-standard mortgage deals. As such, bridging loans offers a quick and realistic process.

RENOVATION OR REFURBISHMENT OF A RESIDENTIAL, COMMERCIAL OR BUY TO LET PROPERTY - We are finding more and more that banks will not lend on properties that are in need of refurbishment or redevelopment. In this instance a bridging loan is the perfect tool to help finish the property.

CHAIN BREAK FINANCE - A classic bridging loan need – where a client has an offer on their property but wishes to purchase another (or put a deposit down) and funds are required quickly for a short period and repaid when the property transaction completes.

EQUITY RICH CASH POOR / PORTFOLIO EQUITY RELEASE - Many people and landlords have a lot of equity but cash may be tight. Equity can be released from the properties in order to purchase new ones or pay off arrears and help the finances back on track.

REQUIRE A LOAN WHERE INTEREST IS NOT SERVICED MONTHLY - Interest on bridging loans can be serviced, rolled-up or retained. This means you can use the equity in a property to guarantee interest payments and these are paid on redemption.

ADVERSE CREDIT APPLICANTS - Many people require a bridge because the banks and high street lenders have shut the doors firmly on anyone with adverse credit. A bridging loan is there to help get finances back on track and in doing, improve the credit scores.

REVOLVING CREDIT FACILITY - We can offer a bridging loan secured against a main asset whereby the charge is registered and remains in duration and this allows you to draw down in stages as and when required.

100% PURCHASE PRICE - We will consider 100% of the purchase price where there is additional security.



Motor trade


The client was a mid-size motor parts group going through a period of rapid expansion. They were in the process of arranging invoice factoring finance from one of the big four UK banks. In the interim, they needed urgent cash flow support of £300K till their facility was in place.

Vipark transacted via the client's advisors to get the necessary information and guarantees in place so as to release funds within 2 weeks.

The bank facility took 4 months to establish but in the meantime their business expansion continued in the desired trajectory with our support.



To maintain client confidentiality, we have provided a generic outline only.