2nd Charge Loans

Ideal for customers looking to capital raise by releasing equity from their existing residential property. Our second charge loans can be arranged quickly without affecting their existing mortgage.


·        Any loan purpose

·        Ideal for customers who want to protect their existing mortgage i.e. those enjoying low mortgage rates or who want to stay on an interest only repayment method

·        An alternative solution for customers where their existing mortgage lender’s criteria restricts further borrowing


Key product features:

•             Min. £10,000 – Max. £500,000 (inclusive of retained interest and costs)

•             Initial term 12 months – can be extended at our option

•             No early or part redemption penalties

•             Competitive interest rates according to loan to value (LTV)

•             Interest calculated daily not monthly

•             Retained interest or monthly service


We are happy to understand to your requirements and tailor a solution to suit. We will give an instant decision in principle (DIP). No forms to fill – our team will manage it all for you.    


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