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Vector Capital Plc

We specialise in finance for land and property development, bridging loans and secured business finance. We provide confidential “behind the scenes support” to companies.

Our loans are business to business and normally secured by a first charge on land and property. As a business lender, our activities are outside the scope of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Description of the business
Vector Capital, together with its Subsidiaries VBFL and VAFL, is a commercial lending group that offers secured loans primarily to businesses located in the United Kingdom. Substantially all of the Group’s loans are secured by a first legal charge against real estate. The Group’s customers typically borrow for general working capital purposes, bridging, land development and acquisition.

The Group has an established network of brokers that introduce to Vector potential borrowers that match the Group’s lending criteria. The brokers submit proposals via the Group’s online portal and the Company endeavours to give decisions in principle and outline terms on a “same day” basis.

The Group’s loans issued are secured, typically by a charge against land or property, and usually this will be a first charge. The Directors believe that the Group’s credit management policies, both during initial underwriting and throughout the life of the loan, will result in minimal defaults.

The Group’s loans to its borrowers are financed primarily from a combination of the Group’s own resources and the Debt Facilities.

Please visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our business from our CEO Agam Jain.

Vector Asset Finance Limited Co. No. 11179618 and Vector Business Finance Limited Co. No. 9903373 are wholly owned subsidiaries of Vector Capital Plc Co. No. 12140968.

Vector Capital Plc is a public limited company specialising in providing principal finance to the private and corporate sector.


Vector Capital Plc

6th Floor, First Central 200, 2 Lakeside Drive, London NW10 7FQ 

t. 020 8191 7615


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